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The Writer of Holy Magick ©

My name, Deana DeHaven, means sacred keeper of the sanctuary, which mirrors four hundred years of my existence, comprised of six consecutive previous lifetimes. My last lifetime as Lady of the Rainbow ended in 1776 A.D. God named me in this lifetime because at the time, I had no clue. For years after finding out my name’s meaning, my private joke has been that he made it obvious because of my hard head. The truth is he lit my path because I was meant to achieve my destiny, and my name is reflective of this fact. The same is true for you. Your answers are there in front of you. Accurate intuition teaches you how to perceive them. Holy Magick for Massive Intuitive Development © creates Super Psychics of the New World Awakening. Our destiny as modern day sages is upon us.

My task and holy intention at Manataka were overseeing a cherished place of much Native significance in our Great Creator’s honor. I am a Lady of the Rainbow of Manataka, now known as Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was the last Lady of the Rainbow before colonization’s evil descended upon us with such velocity that it swept our world away.

There were many Ladies of the Rainbow before me. Many gave service over many hundreds of years within a small tribe of less than forty members. However, we kept our sacred spaces clear of energetic debris while holding healing space for the medicine men of all tribes, who traveled from all over the country to bathe in our effervescent, holy breath of life waters and to dance in reverence and ritual. Manataka was our sacred center where we came to heal our wounds and to strengthen our spiritual reserves.

This is my thirtieth lifetime in service to God. In my past incarnations, I have spent five lifetimes as a nun, seventeen as a priestess (which includes my time in service at Manataka), and seven as a priest. For me, there is nothing else. Even when I have been pursuing other avenues of self-expression, I have held within my heart a devout reverence for God and a deep interest in comprehending the great mysteries of life.

As an advanced akashic records reader in this lifetime, it has been so illuminating to delve into my past lives. A big part of my adulthood for many lifetimes has been spent hunkering down over the metaphysical questions I wish to comprehend. I have been seeking to ignite the wisdom of the ages held deep within my DNA. My cellular memory holds secrets that I have mined through much introspection and material trials and tribulations over many lifetimes. With a generous heart and an innate intelligence that is granted by God, I have been guided to share my discoveries with the world.

Since I have been diving deep repeatedly, I was born into this lifetime with 4 natural precursors to intuitive ability. I am left-handed, an empath, ADD, and an INFJ. My goal in creating this body of work has been to help humanity end the relentless pain of life lessons repeatedly unlearned. We humans all mirror the same missteps and tragedies, the same triumphs, and achievements in various forms. We all sing the same swan song in the end as we come to grips with our choices and consequences and their resultant happiness and heartaches.

This body of work, Holy Magick ©, is my gift to God. I fully acknowledge that this work is a co-creation between my Heavenly Father and I. There is no way I could have written it without his wisdom pouring through me. On my end, I gladly became his vessel. Holy Magick is also his gift to you through me. May we all learn to live with infinite creative and intellectual capacity by harnessing all that is good within the human heart, listening for its wisdom at every opportunity. May we awaken in massive numbers before we devolve further into madness and murder. The time is now before our planet’s equilibrium is damaged beyond final repair. Let us rise out of despair and descend upon the Heavens. God awaits us there. The purpose of this work is the facilitation of that goal for the whole human race.

Unconditional love, which is holy light, is being sent directly from me to each of you. I am simply the channel while our Great Creator is the source. Know that all achievement is within our capabilities and that it is not only attainable, but our divine birthright. When we suffer so needlessly, Jesus weeps. Let us step into our power so that he weeps no more. Fiat Lux.

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